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Buskin' Around
Composed & Performed by Jim Austerman
Release date: 03/22/2009
Buskin' Around CD - polka and waltz music
Buskin' Around is a Polka & Waltz CD. What does Buskin' mean? Actually, buskin' is the shortened name for the word busking. Basically, people that perform for tips and gratuities, or just for fun, whether it be musicians, mimes, jugglers, etc, for the general public at large, are called buskers. Jim said, "Most people are more familiar with the name Street Performers. I suppose more folks think the term Buskers sounds more polite." Personally, for Jim, he just says, "I don't take any offense to it because I did it for many years, and had lots of fun doing it." In fact, Jim still enjoys buskin' around whenever he gets the chance because he, "...feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet so many great people from many different walks of life."

Play Time: 65 minutes
Price: $12.00, plus $2.95 S&H.

Selections on CD:

1 Goetzinger Waltz     9 Jalisco
2 Dance with Me   10 Plowin' Fields
3 The County Fair Parade   11 Men & Women
4 Berounka River   12 The Hartford Polka
5 The Big Rig Polka   13 Mexican Prairie Dogs
6 Veronica's Victorian Waltz   14 The Minnesotan Polka
7 Cats & Mice   15 A Woman's Work is Never Done
8 The Old Man's Shoes   16 It's Time to Say Good Night
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