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Music Samples
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Samples from upcoming CDs.
Heartbeat of Ireland
Samples from currently available CDs.
The Long Waltz Home CD - polka, waltz, easy listening music
The Long Waltz Home
The Long Waltz Home is an instrumental & vocal blend of polka, waltz & easy listening music. In this collection of 12 original songs, Jim follows his style of interchanges between various instruments along with the added interludes. Two songs are vocal.
Solitary Rose CD - polka, waltz, easy listening music
Solitary Rose
Solitary Rose is an instrumental blend of American and European styles. In this collection of 12 original songs, Jim interchanges between various instruments to give the piece more depth. Interludes were also added within the songs.
Distant Voices CD - polka, waltz, European music
Distant Voices
Distant Voices is a collection of 12 accordion instrumentals inspired by European and Russian traditions. Accordion music is still very popular in many parts of the world. Distant Voices takes you on a musical journey of various styles that Jim has composed which are very similar to each country's traditional music.
Buskin' Around CD - polka and waltz music
Buskin' Around
Buskin' Around is a collection of 16 original accordion polkas and waltzes. If you're a fan of old-tyme accordion music, we're pretty sure you're going to enjoy this CD with Jim's New Tyme Music.
Karlstejn Castle CD - waltz and easy listening music
Karlstejn Castle
Karlstejn Castle is an instrumental collection of 11 easy listening songs that Jim composed playing the harpsichord, piano, and nylon guitar. The feature song on this CD is Karlstejn Castle. Jim wrote this song for the Government of the Czech Republic, their culture, and of course their world famous Karlstejn Castle located near the City of Prague. Jim refers to this CD as having a "European feel to it."
A Polyphon Christmas CD - glockenspeil bells music, music box
A Polyphon Christmas
Many ask the question, "What is a Polyphon?" A Polyphon was a type of music box that used metal discs to produce their beautiful "music box" sounds. This music was very popular during the Victorian Era. The main difference between Polyphons and smaller music boxes that we are more accustomed to today, was their ability to produce both very high and low notes on the same recordings.

The feature song on this CD is a song that Jim wrote for the City of Windom, Minnesota, and their residents titled "The Christmas Bells of Windom."

Looking for the best, full service announcing company that specializes in providing music for special occasions in the Central Minnesota area? Check out Jim's friend, Tom Goetzinger, a popular radio personality, as well as a terrific guy! TRG Productions.

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